A toaster focussed on breaking the current mental model of toaster design, in turn giving the users a fresh and interesting experience.


This project was taken up in my third semester (second year) as a 4-week long course project, with a keen focus on product experience.

A group of 4 people worked on this project, my primary role being ideation and conceptualising.
The brief was to redesign the present toaster on the basis of the user’s experience and the safety of use.

The Process

Research Phase > Design Phase > Engineering Phase > Prototyping Phase

The main findings were that the experience of using a toaster needed to be improved by also
catering to the safety, storage and cleanliness aspect. We then ideated and conceptualized new designs based on the research.
We narrowed down to three main concepts. When the final concept was decided, we worked on the form, engineering
and details. Finally, a paper prototype was made.

Ideation and Exploration
Ideation Sketches
In the Process
Concept sketches and renders
Detailed 3D Renders
Paper Mockup

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