MPLE Chair

MPLE Chair is a concept furniture piece influenced by the Modernist art movement. Its design is inspired from the Lounge Chair and the Moulded Plywood chair by Charles and Ray Eames. The aim of this project was to gain an understanding of furniture design by studying its various aspects, like the language, material, manufacturing, emotion, etc.

For this project, I started with researching the evolution of furniture over time and the influence of different art movements on it. I studied various iconic chairs of all time and was really intrigued with the works of the Eames couple. I focussed vividly on the relaxation and a "chill" feeling the user can associate with a lounge chair. This chair is designed for comfort and elegance, the style being bold and powerful but with a slight subtlety.

This project was taken up in my sixth semester (third year) as a 1-week long course project, with a focus on understanding the basics of furniture design and the various Industrial design applications related to it.


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