"Creativity is nothing but a mind set free"

-Torrie T. Asai

This quote has had a great impact on me. I believe to truly design well we need a free mind, a proactive imagination and an earnest curiosity.
I'm a budding creative thinker, designer and visualizer. I find good design exciting, something which is functionally, aesthetically and usably sound/unique. Throughout university I have worked extensively in the domains of product design, creative thinking, interaction, film-making and graphics. It is through these experiences that I possess a well rounded array of skills and knowledge.
My hobbies include (listening/playing/creating) music, reading, sketching, all of which play a profound role in my work, helping me grow everyday. 
Most of the projects you'll see on this website are physical products, but I also possess a keen interest in visual communication and digital product design, more projects are always coming soon! Please find my CV at the end of this page.
Some frequently asked questions:
1. What is design to you?
Expressing emotion, creating solutions and caring for the users is what design means to me. I love a good challenge, hence I look forward to finding the smallest of problems, and of course constraints are always welcome. It involves always being acutely observant and empathetic, making design more of a lifestyle than a profession.
2. Why did you choose this field?
Design, Art, Technology (and the idea of making things better than what they are) give me a purpose.  Design allows me to express my creativity but at the same time can be very challenging, which helps me get better and better. Honestly, it's a win-win. 
If you have any feedback, work enquiries or questions you'd like to ask me, please let me know below.
It'd be great to hear from you!

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Tel: +91 9717622335

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